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Aircraft For Sale

PC-6 Porter for Sale...

Currently RUAG Aviation has a fullly overhauled  PC-6 B2/H2 available for immediate sale. For more technical details please refer to the documentation with facts & figures for download.

The Pilatus PC-6 is a highly versatile multipurpose aircraft. Its excellent short take-off and landing capabilities (STOL) allow it to operate in extreme environments. The PC-6 can be operated for Skydiving, ambulance transport and cargo/passenger flights. Equipped with the Skis kit the Porter is able to land on snowfields and glaciers.

RUAG Aviation is the long term partner of the Swiss Air Force for aircraft and component maintenance, and through this partnership we have gained extensive technical experience for this aircraft, which is recognized and appreciated by many different Air Forces and individuals alike.

Our maintenance capabilities for the PC-6 cover from a routine inspection up to a complete overhaul, system upgrade and integration as well as avionic refurbishment. RUAG Aviation is an EASA and FAA approved repair station, therefore we are able to assist in the demilitarization phase as well as the registration of the aircraft under civil aviation rules and regulations.